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Downtime can cost large organisations millions in terms of lost working time and solving IT issues. Partnering with itec is the easy way to ensure that your customers increase their business productivity thanks to IT systems that are always available and delivering value to their business.

A fully functioning and business-focused IT environment is a critical part of the effective organisation. This is why we have developed our own support methodology, based around managing, monitoring and maintaining business systems.

With itec’s support services, your customers can ensure that they always experience maximum value from their solutions, and make the most of their investment in IT. By bringing our manage, monitor and maintain approach to supporting your customers’ IT infrastructure, itec can ensure that they enjoy a positive experience with our expert consultants and engineers. With the itec team readily available to answer your customers’ IT queries at any time with 24×7 IT help desk and onsite support teams.

As a white label managed service provider, we operate as an extension of you, so your customers will be thanking you for the expert service they receive, the peace of mind you bring and the additional value you have added to their business.

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With itec’s outsourced help-desk services you can focus on managing relationships and delivering core business. Manned 24/7 by fully trained technical staff, your customers will receive a personal answer to any support queries, at any time of the day or night.



Prevention is always better than cure. Spotting and dealing with technical issues before they impact operational performance is key. With proactive 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring, we provide comprehensive expert support.



itec’s maintenance support is available at a variety of service levels. Our engineers have a deep working knowledge of all our technologies, making maintenance a quick and simple procedure that won’t interfere with your customers’ daily operations.